5 must-have tech innovations for your event production

Technology has been expanding exponentially and it is weaving in all business industries and the event production industry happens to be no exception.

Bet you cannot imagine your life without a smartphone or the internet. Similarly, emerging technological innovations in the field of event production cannot be overlooked.

Near Field Communications (NFC) is considered a form of wireless communication. This technology allows the information to flow between two devices. The impact of NFC will ease the flow of your event as it will allow the event managers to easily monitor the entry and exit of guests. Unlike the non-digital wristbands, NFC wearables will reduce fraud and help event managers gather concrete data about the attendees and consequently utilize this information to accentuate the results of their event.

Application Program Interface (API) is one of the new technology trends that are recently utilized in almost every medium to large event. Simply, this interface is a centralized application that specifies how software components should interact with other devices. For instance, if you use a ticketing or registration platform with an open API, a system can be built through which the attendee data can be saved and retrieved. Alsom an API system is considered a lightweight means of building customizations and integrations.

AI Personal Assistants

Whether its Google’s assistant, Apple’s Siri or even Amazon’s Alexa, artificial intelligence can certainly offer you some help during your event production phase. Keep an eye out for different ways in which an AI personal assistant can keep track of your event production progress, optimize your event attendees’ experience and enhance the final result.

Need a helping hand during the production of your event?
Try relying on artificial intelligence for accurate results and optimum outcomes.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and iBeacon technology has the ability to exchange or transmit data over a short distance. Event planners and managers have the ability to watch over every move of their attendees and anyone who is participating in the production process as well. How will this help you in producing your event? Analyzing every move of the people around you and studying it will help you implement the data wisely on your next event as well as measure your success. Moreover, BLE and iBeacon will also allow you to apply changes as things are happening.

Maximize the engagement of your attendees and use the above technology.

Catchbox is a type of crowd-mic that eases out the production process of your event. Even though it is a mere alternative to a microphone, the Catchbox is a truly interactive gadget that can deem your event as unforgettable. Are you preparing an AV checklist for your next event? Do not forget to include the Catchbox instead of planning out how to get that mic to the middle of the aisle and rearrange the whole seating arrangement for some technological inconvenience.

Make your next event more engaging and use a Catchbox.

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