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Tips to a Fruitful Exhibition Stand

Tips to a Fruitful Exhibition Stand

Cityscape has proved its success in the past few years and it has been expanding. The expansion of exhibition stand sizes plays a great role in controlling the number of visitors and leaving an impact on the importance of your exhibition. Here are some of the tips to note when expanding your exhibition.

Make sure your signage is legible

Goal: Exhibitors’ main goal is to vaunt their brand and claim their presence.

Solution: In the case of indoor events, place your signs where they will be seen. In case you have your sign printed on thin material, consider that it might rip or break, especially if the event will go on for a number of days. Consider that the banners might also topple over so easily, so make sure that your banner is near a wall that can support

There is nothing better than having your brand prominent to your visitors.
Using the right materials and tools can only produce a successful exhibition.

Don’t prioritize tech over interaction

Goal: The main role of live exhibitions is to interact, network and communicate with other exhibitors and attendees.

Solution: In order to make sure that relationship building during the exhibition is not jeopardized, make sure to monitor the use of technology. Plan the arrangement and placement of technology carefully. If the tech entails attention, it’s likely to take your stand staff’s attention from visitors.

Design for flexibility

Goal: One of the most important things to consider when it comes to expanding an exhibition is making sure your design is flexible enough for last-minute changes and any additional extensions.

Solution: Exhibition and event graphics should be very simple and flexible and for that to happen you need to choose the most flexible format. Use a visual that can be used in square, vertical and horizontal implementations and is also vector based so it can be sized up as much as you need.

Consider your attendees when designing your event

Goal: Let’s admit it, most people attend exhibitions to take selfies and share their experiences on social media.

Solution: Your exhibition will get judged at the first glance and the attendees will start looking at the details and making assumptions. Make sure the look and feel do not seem linear or unwelcoming. Be careful when choosing your colors because certain colors can be the exact opposite of heart-warming.

A great event will be appreciated by attendees only if you have the right look and feel to your stand.

Cool Tip: The staff of En+ has the skills and expertise to engage your exhibition visitors and attendees with their interactive designs. Do you want your event or exhibition to talk about your brand? Speak to your local experts at En+. Also, have you seen the 4 top tips for exhibition stand building?

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