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Event production agencies

Printing can impress in ways online interaction cannot. For in print you have tools to grab your audience with the power of design that one can touch and feel (good) about. A professionally produced printed collateral can have a longer shelf life than online impressions. Imagine watching a YouTube ad which comes and goes (as soon as you wish you skip) and imagine a nicely printed poster or an invitation that you keep on your desk long after the event/campaign is over – just because the design clicks with you, the look of it the positive inspiration it creates a vibe that online branding cannot achieve.

Event production agencies

What you can touch, feel and see (print) can be more impressive than what you can just see (online)!

Let’s get down to the essentials of ensuring that print works – giving your project more miles than estimated. Among the more passionate, experienced and result-oriented printing production houses in Dubai, enplus experts have three pearls of wisdom to offer project managers. 

  • Tick off the 3 Ws. When, where, why. When do you need the printed collateral will give the production pros a fair idea of what are the best results that can be achieved within that time. Where do you need the printed literature is key to factoring in production cycle and output timelines, is it going to be shipped, will it be delivered within the city – but at a special location where prior permissions have to be taken, etc. Why is the simples of the questions to answers, but the most critical when it comes to design. Why are we printing the material? Is it to inform the guests for an event, is it to provide a keepsake – something that can be used beyond an event (calendar, poster, impressive invitation or flyer) – we need to know why we are printing to ensure alignment of design and cost factors.
Event production agencies

Professional printing and production houses like enplus will tell you there are no shortcuts to success, but there are smart tips to succeed)!

  • Paper prep. You will be surprised how contrasting and immense the difference between 180 and 300 GSM is. These are measures of paper thickness and quality and the options are many. Let your production consultant run you through all the practical options, once they have a clear understanding of the 3Ws. Textured paper can enhance the effect by providing a ‘real’ feel of the content that is printed.
  • The art of special effects. It is more about not going overboard really – for printers are more than happy to pile on multiple effects like emboss, deboss, spot UV and more all in one printed content giving – the outcome may not always be elegant and classy that your brand and message deserves. It takes experienced and expert production folks to recommend the right balance of special effects that can turn an ordinary printed matter into collateral that the recipient would like to keep and carry around. There are far too many combinations of special effects to summarise it here, but stick to the 3Ws and Paper prep, then take a call on special effects with the recommendations of your trusted production partner to master the art!
Event production agencies

The art of special effects is about striking the right balance of paper, effects and alignment with key messages of an event.)>

Cool Tip: The production consultants at enplus are just a call away to discuss your print requirement. Confused about the right paper and special effects that fit your print requirements? Speak to your local experts at enplus. Also, have you seen the 4 top tips for exhibition stand building


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