exhibition companies in dubai

The event production industry in the UAE is valued at Dh. 165 million and growing at 25 percent annually, according to the study released by research analysts Alpen Capital’s GCC Industry Report 2016. A turnover that high deserves to be seriously looked into and best practices and guidelines shared. Among the leading stand builders in the UAE with a wide portfolio of successful and prestigious projects to show, the experts at enplus share tips that don’t get enough mentions.

Dubai’s exhibition and corporate events are abuzz with activities year-round. Woodwork is an important element towards bringing ideas to life. Did you know that some of the key factors that ensure event production quality specially woodwork build is left to the last moment, when the planning should take care of them right at the start.

Ace your audience: In order for the woodwork to work its magic on the design, it is important to understand the audience, their expectations and what drives them. For example, at a real estate exhibition, the idea is to present new projects to the prospect in the most effective way – the woodwork should take care of the smallest details that the flooring, the pillars, the walls are facilitating movement and standing space.

exhibition companies in dubai

exhibition companies in dubai

Height of heights: The creative carpentry solutions will always make the best use of ceiling height. For example you have a thousand off audience sitting through a 5-hour conference agenda. The content needs to invoke and inspire. For stage design, scale helps – as much as you can expand horizontally with screes to showcase content, height can be creatively utilised to scale up the content, and therefore impression. Only the most innovative stand builders can strike the balance of scale, using height without impacting budgets. Creative woodwork is behind the best designed stages.

Modular is a myth: Most consultants are ready to rush you with ideas that have these words: a modular design will help cut budget and will serve you for a long time. What no one tells is, the audience is evolving, and the event objectives change and even design best practices are constantly being upgraded. While modular wooden elements can save cost for the present, it comes at the prices of compromising on ‘fresh design’, ‘better ergonomics of the design’ and ‘fit-to project objective’. As project owners don’t be trapped in the short term goal of cost-savings at the long-term impact of optimizing brand outreach. enplus is not against modular designs as long as the greater objectives of maximizing brand messages and prospect engagement are not compromised – an approach that is endorsed by the leading brands of the world.


Cool Tip: It is always great to have a partner with ideas, even when it comes to carpentry and woodwork. An innovative consultant, will work with big ideas, look at the big picture and not just short term gains. Speak to enplus experts and find out. BTW, did you get your top tips for printing? <link to article titled:  Printing solutions are best left to experts – 3  strategies for maximum ROI >


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