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Event production agencies in UAE

Design is everything! You have heard this before, and you wonder how much of it is true. Steve Jobs has shown us that design, when placed at the heart of a solution, surrounded with technology could be a game changer. Event design is no different.

The most effective event are one’s which take care of the experience of the attendees, the décor, the trends in keeping with the messages, styling in line with the brand personality. Design books, courses, workshops help but nothing like the experienced consultants who have experience on their side.

The right design can make a good event great!



Be Clear. At the start of your project, be clear, what your agenda is, who needs to be impressed, and therefore what experience is ideal. The event consultants who come into the picture should not just bring certifications and behance portfolios to the table, but solid reputation to support your vision. Have a look at enplus and its works for prestigious projects in Dubai to get an idea what it means to scout the right event design partners.

Tailored-fit. The best event designs are those that have been designed from ground up. Which has strategic inputs taking all perspectives into considerations – brand values, branding recommendations, audience expectations and occasion itself. A career expo is not the same as a trade exhibition or conference build up. The tailored fit should take care of 360-desigh approach. From the point of event invitation to thank you and follow up note, every moment needs to be mapped – is your event design partner thinking on these lines?

Let investments we handled by the right event partners who put event design at the heart of the event experience!

Results matter. Let your event design partner think beyond 3d inspirations. Let them put a strategy to measure key performing indicators for the event. Not just delivery, and quality of design elements but adherence to timelines, safety standards, impressions you name it. A framework has to be in place for easy monitoring and reading of the event design outcomes. The most effective event is more than design principles, it is about putting top trends and fundamentals to practice. <link to article titled:  4 talk-of-town exhibition stands in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and its secrets of success!

Cool Tip: A good way to be hands-on when it comes to the event design process is to work with mood boards and materials. It’s more than just pricing, quotes and proposal evaluations. Be sure that the materials to be used for set up match the vision illustrated in the mood board. The best agencies in town will take you through the whole process of design – whether it’s an entrance wall or a printed invitation or a yearbook or blogs, mock ups will keep you on track.



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en plus provides a customized approach to event production. We specialise in exhibition stands, exhibition stand designs, printing, stage design and building and work directly with exhibitors to provide prototype and event building services.

We design & execute the best designs that suit your budget and requirements in your exhibition building in UAE. en plus is one of the leading event production companies in Dubai and has provided complete event production support to numerous exhibition companies in UAE.

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